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Construction of PTL 500 Kv ShHePP (Semei)-Aktogai Ц Alma

Project name

Construction of PTL 500 Kv ShHePP (Semei)-Aktogai – Alma

Realization period

2014 - 2018

Project geography

Almatinskaya and Vostochno-Kazakhstanskaya areas, Republic of Kazakhstan



General description of the project

Construction of  PLT 500 kV Shulbinskaya HPP (Semei) – Aktogai –Taldykorgan – Alma” is the second stage in the development of an intersystem electricity transmission the North – East- South and the exhaustion of the capacity of existing intersystem transit North – South is intended for ensuring perspective demand for the electric power and increases of reliability of power supply of consumers of the East Kazakhstan, Karaganda and Almaty areas.

The implementation of the project is aimed at ensuring reliable power supply of consumers in a zone of passing of an electricity transmission and ensuring access of new consumers of transport infrastructure and new industrial consumers, as well as providing forecasting balances of power and electricity for the period until 2030 to avoid possible risks to reliability of electricity supply in South zone.

Construction objects within the project:

 1. Construction of SS Taldykorgan

2. Construction of SS Aktogai

3. Reconstruction and expansion of SS Semei

4. Reconstruction and expansion of SS Alma

5. Construction of PTL 500 kV Taldykorgan – Alma (with total length 206.7 km)

6. Construction of PTL 500 kV Aktogai – Taldykorgan (with total length 285.6 km)

7. Construction of PTL 500 kV Semei – Aktogai (with total length 390.8 km)

8. Construction of the site of PTL 220 Kv Taldykorgan – Saryozek (with total length 143.4km)