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“Investment & Industrial Corporation (IIC) «ZHERSU» LLP.

(Kazakhstan, Almaty)

The Investment & Industrial Corporation «ZHERSU» is a multibusiness holding-type company, which is engaged in large scale projects in Kazakhstan as well as in the CIS and non-CIS countries. The Corporation was established in 1992 as “TSC Group Corporation” and it was renamed to «IIC “ZHERSU» in 2007.

The basic strategy is development of production, making of investments, recovery and maintenance of industrial potential of domestic economy, development and introduction of new technologies and dynamic promotion to the world market.

The Company’s principle is innovation development and incorporation of the best world experience. The Corporation includes a number of large enterprises incorporated by the sectorial principle. The main areas of activity are as follows: electric power industry (construction and operation), tool engineering, agriculture and service provision.

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“Kerneu Limited” LLP

(Kazakhstan, Almaty)

“Kerneu Limited” LLP is one of Kazakhstan power construction leading companies.

Company provides broad range of services from designing and budget documentation development to "turnkey" objects construction and is regulated by the regulations and the RoK State licenses. The main directions of “Kerneu Limited” LLP activity are construction, reconstruction and repair of power lines and substations of all types and classes of tension and construction of hydraulic engineering constructions and fiber-optical cable communication lines.

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(Kazakhstan, Almaty)

“COMPANY SATTY ZHOL” LLP is construction and assembling organization and it provides services in power industry field: from designing to "turnkey" objects commissioning.


designing and exploration works;

construction and installation of substations of up to 500 kV;

construction and installation of power lines of 10-500 kV;

installation of processing equipment and start-up and commissioning works;

installation of engineering services and systems, including maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and constructions.



(Kazakhstan, Kapshagay)

“ZHERSU Metal” JSC is an only one in its origin plant aimed at production of power line supports and steel structures for power industry.

The plant was commissioned in 2008 and is equipped with the latest technologies from the world production leaders. Production capacity of the plant comes to 12 000 tons of complete goods a year.

The plant has licenses for carrying out designing and exploration works, construction and installation works, production of steel structures and also certificates of conformance and origin.

In its production activities priority is given to advanced processing equipment made by leading foreign companies such as “Ficep" (Italy), "LVD Company" (Belgium), "Dr. Hochetrad" (Germany), "Stem D.o.o. " (Slovenia), JSC Veberkomekhanik (Russia), JSC Zashchita Metallov (Russia) etc.

International quality management system of ISO 9001-2000 is introduced in the plants’ operation.

The quality of used structures and materials is confirmed by certificate of conformance for every shipment.



("Taldykorgansky Joint-stock Transport and Power supply network Company ")

“Taldykorgansky Joint-stock Transport and power supply network Company” JSC is a regional power supply network company, transferring and distributing power energy for 8 areas and 2 cities of Taldykorganskyi region of Almatinskaya area.

The annual output of transferred power through “TATEK” JSC power lines was 670 million kW. Hour in 2012.

For more than 40 years the enterprise was repeatedly renamed, however the main functionality of the company remains the same transferring and distributing power energy and maintaining and operating power supply lines and substations in Taldykorganskyi region of Almatinskaya area.


 “Corporation Saiman” LLP

(Kazakhstan, Almaty)

“Corporation Saiman” LLP is the only company in Central Asian region which produces metering devices of electric power. More than 20 years the company produces and develops unique technologies for the power industry based on the best own and international practices.

Technologies proposed to the national market are previously reviewed and modified by engineers of actual practice business and normative and technical requirements of the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of “Corporation Saiman” LLP is production of world quality goods  complied with high requirements and expectations of consumers.

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(Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan)

Storage plant “ZHERSU POWER” LLP was commissioned in 2002. The main activity is production of automobile lead-calcium storage batteries. Design capacity of the plant is 3 million automobiles and 1 million stationary accumulators a year.

“ZHERSU POWER” LLP plant reached considerable results in highly effective methods of management and quality production. One of the most important achievements of the enterprise is successful promotion of its production on domestic and foreign markets.

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 Alakol Plant LLP

(Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan)

Alakol Plant LLP is the first and only enterprise in Kazakhstan specialized on complete production cycle of electric submersible pumps used for both industrial and agricultural water supply purposes.


- production of borehole immersing units for uranium mining and petrochemical industry;

- production of rubber and plastic products;

- production of water borehole immersing pump units for industrial and agricultural water supply purposes;

- production of non-standard steel structures and constructions including industrial hothouse complexes.


German company "Siemens"

(representation in Kazakhstan – “Simens” LLP)

For more than 16 years “Siemens” company dynamically works at Kazakhstan market and stakes on development of partnership in  different  economical branches of Kazakhstan. The first office of Siemens company was open in Almaty city and representative offices were open later in Astana, Atyrau, Pavlodar, Temirtau cities.

Also further development of business is planned in such regional centers as Aktobe, Ust Kamenogorsk, Balkhash and other cities of Kazakhstan. Siemens in Kazakhstan is presented in four sectors: industry, power, health care and infrastructure and cities.

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French company "ALSTOM"

(representation in Kazakhstan - "ALSTOM Kazakhstan")

The main direction of the company is production of electric equipment of 35-500 kV, including high-voltage of circuit breakers of tank and column-mounted type, complex distributing devices with gas-insulated isolation , breaker switches, measuring transformers, overvoltage suppressors, generator circuit-breakers, cells of gas-insulated and air isolation of 10 kV., relay protection and automatic and control system of substations.

Plants of ALSTOM GRID company groups are located in 66 countries of the world and certified by the standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Measuring transformers of current and tension made by the ALSTOM company are registered in the unity measurement state system register of Republic of Kazakhstan.


Swedish-Swiss company "ABB"

(representation in Kazakhstan - ABB LLP)

“ABB” LLP is a part of ABB group of companies. ABB is the leader in production of electrical power equipment and technologies for automation allowing industrial enterprises and power companies to increase their productivity reducing negative impact on the environment.

Head office is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Stock items are quoted at exchanges in New York, Zurich and Stockholm.
Five main divisions: power equipment, power systems, products for automation, processes automation and robotics.

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“Kazenergokabel” JSC

(Kazakhstan, Pavlodar)

Today “Kazenergokabel” JSC provides consumers with a wide range of production: power, control and telephone cables; adjusting, air, trolley and telephone wires; wires for industrial explosive works; telephone distributive wires for radiofixation of rural telecommunication; and also: adjusting wires for water shipped power motors; steel multiwires for overhead transmission power lines, heating wires with a steel bearing cable etc.

The plant dynamically participated and participates in the governmental program on import substitution and was recognized as the best one in 2000 and awarded by Republic of Kazakhstan Government’s Diploma.
“Kazenergokabel” JSC is the member of associations:

– "Elektrokabel" (Moscow),

– "Mashinostroitel  Kazakhstan",

– "Union of power engineers of Kazakhstan",

– "Union of mechanic engineers of Kazakhstan",

– "Confederation of employers of Republic of Kazakhstan".

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(Kazakhstan, Almaty)

One of the largest vertically integrated companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan combining a number of industrial and service enterprises and carrying-out activity in a power industry.

ASPMK-519 takes leading position in the Republic of Kazakhstan market in design, construction, modernization and repair of power networks and substations of up to 500 kV tension class.

ASPMK-519 is the holding company structure of which includes enterprises which according to the corporate strategy and branch accessory are combined in three directions – service, industrial and production and transfer of power energy.

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“Investor-M” LLP

(Kazakhstan, Rudnyi)

It is organized in 2000 as the representative of South Ural armature insulator plant allocated with an exclusive right of plant products delivery to Kazakhstan territories.

Official dealer of the following enterprises: Perm insulator plant “ELIZ” OJSC, Kamyshlovsky insulator plant  “Uralizolyator” OJSC, plants of polymeric insulators “Energiya-21” OJSC, “Tovarkovsky Plant of high-voltage fitting” OJSC, and “Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant” OJSC.

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