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"Promstroy-Energo" company starts the project "Construction of 500 kV Shulbinskaya HPP (Semey) - Aktogai - Taldykorgan - Alma HV line"


Complex works within the scope of the project will be carried out by the Promstroy-Energo on a turnkey basis. Construction of the high-voltage power line between the East and South Kazakhstan will be implemented over four years from 2014 to 2018.

PromStroyEnergo company has launched the new version of the corporate site


The new version of “PromStroyEnergo” company corporate site is different by its useful content and modern appearance which would assist our visitors to get familiar with our Company’s activities, history, completed and existing projects.

PromStroyEnergo company has completed works at KEGOC project on construction of Alma SS 500kV with connection to Kazakhstan National Power Network with 500, 220kV lines (I stage)

“Alma” SS has become the first substation of 500kV constructed during Independent Kazakhstan. According to the early implemented projects expansion of the existing substations were carried out.

Construction completion and successful commissioning of the new substation... 

PromStroyEnergo company will be a general contractor for construction of OHTL 500kV Ekibastuzskaya SS 1150kV Semey SS 500kV, OHTL 500kV Semey SS 500kV Ust-Kamenogorsk SS 500kV

“PromStroyEnergo” company  awarded  a KEGOC open bit for long term purchase of complex works for “turn key” construction of OHTL 500kV “Ekibastuzskaya” SS 1150kV – “Semey” SS 500kV, OHTL 500kV ‘Semey” SS 500kV – “Ust-Kamenogorsk” SS 500kV