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Integrated design in an electrical power area

“Promstroy-Energo” company  implements integrated  designing of new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of power network facilities of  main and distribution  network systems including substations,  overhead transmission lines and cable power lines of up to 500 kV class tension.

Types of work carried out by our specialists include:

- collection of basic data for designing (all types of exploration, development and approval of specifications for  power connection, etc  );

- designing of new substations of up to 500 kV of opened and closed types;

- designing of overhead transmission and cable lines of up to 500 kV, including designing in urban conditions;

- designing of reconstruction of substations of up to 500 kV, including designing in operating production conditions ;

- designing, expansion or reconstruction of new and existing switch gears of power plants;

- designing of relay control protection systems and linear automatic equipment of power network systems with application of modern microprocessor facilities;

- designing of antiemergency control system of power networks and power pool systems, and designing of antiemergency automatic equipment complexes;

- designing of automatable control systems of power substation technological process;

- designing  of modern facilities and communication systems;

- designing of external and internal power supply facilities of industrial, infrastructure or household objects, any level of complexity;

- designing of reserve power supply systems;

- other types of work.

“Promstroy-Energo” company has the highly skilled staff of experts, whose wide professional experience in designing power facilities is based on  company’s earlier successfully implemented projects of  various levels of complexity.

In our work we follow the following principles:

- individual approach to every project and search for the most effective decisions for its realization;

- adaptation of modern technologies for conditions and specifics of  current projects;

- use of standard project decisions and obtained experience for reducing timeline;

- application of approved equipment of the partner companies to the project.